Hot Water

Have you thought about the potential benefits in upgrading your existing hot water service to solar? Phillips Plumbing and Gasfitting have.


Lower running costs combined with current rebates being offered by the State and Local Government means there is no better time to convert to a greener, more efficient method of providing hot water to your home.


Solar water heaters have the lowest running costs of any water heater as they use the sun's energy to heat water. While an electric hot water unit servicing an average household can cost up to $1000 per year to run, an equivalent solar hot water unit can cost $175 per year to run, saving up to $825 per year. Powered by renewable energy, solar water heaters reduce electricity consumption. This displaces the need to produce electricity, and the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from its production, indirectly benefiting the environment.


Solar water heaters are available in a range of tank capacities and tank mounting positions. The larger the tank, the more solar heated water that can be stored. Solar hot water heaters come with either gas or electric boosters to ensure you have sufficient hot water all year round.


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